Query Strings

Query Strings are what marry our software to your website

We offer a huge amount of flexibility to tailor to your needs.
For example, you could create an interactive swatch.
This would be ideal for sitting within an iframe
on a specific product page

How it Works

Using the Roadstone products, the link address used in the examples can be seen in the text box above the iFrame below.
The example links show different levels of hierarchy; from targeting a product group right down to targeting a specific colour.
Below the examples you will see further refinements you can make to your targeted product such as finish, size and even laying pattern.

Explore the full account before we refine for product targeting Show me the full Roadstone range

  • Target a specific main category, here we target the walling category

    Show me

  • Target a sub-category, here we target a specific walling type

    Show me

  • Target a product, here we pick out a specific product group

    Show me

  • Target a specific colour, target the exact product you require

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Account Name u
Category cat
Sub Categorysubcat
Colour col
Finish fin
Laying Pattern lay
Size size

Try it Yourself

Please note; if there is white space within a product name or colour, replace it with a “_”
 eg . “kota black” will become “kota_black”

Further Product Options
Default Filter fil

Interface Options: